How to check Nigeria army shortlisted candidates

Learn how to check army Shortlisted Candidates name online in one minute.

Have you been searching for how to check army shortlisted candidates, in this article we will show you how to check army shortlisted candidates in just one minute. So, to check the names of shortlisted candidates for army, follow the instructions below.

How to check army shortlisted candidates

  1. Visit the portal
  2. Enter your email address and ID.
  3. Click on Shortlisted Candidates.
  4. A pdf list will pop up.
  5. Find Your Name on the List.

Also note, army will contact those who have been shortlisted for recruitment and will provide them with details on the date of their screening, venue and the documents they will need to successfully complete their screening exercise.

If you have any questions about checking army shortlisted candidate name let us know in the comment below.

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