How to sell Amazon gift card in Nigeria

Are you looking for how to sell your amazon gift card in Nigeria? If yes, Aboki Exchange is the right choice for you.

What is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make purchases on They are a great way to give someone the freedom to choose what they want to buy from a wide range of products available on Amazon.

How to sell amazon gift card in Nigeria

Discover Aboki Exchange, a WhatsApp-based vendor that specializes in buying amazon gift cards in Nigeria. Aboki Exchange also purchase other popular gift cards like Apple, Target, Steam, eBay, Xbox, Razor Gold, Sephora and many more. Just send them a message on WhatsApp to get started.

How to sell Amazon gift card in Nigeria: step by step

  1. Go on WhatsApp and message Aboki Exchange (Hello, I found your info online and I want to sell my Amazon Gift card). Wait for a response.
  2. Agree on a price and send the card.
  3. Wait for it to be loaded and confirmed (usually takes 5-15 minutes).
  4. Send your account details and get credited.

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